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The birth of Acts No. 35, Year 2009 about Narcotics, the latest laws to be more humanist in view of victims of drug abuse  but very hard on the dealers, importers and manufacturers of the drug itself. Furthermore,  the law is also confirmed for the addicts who are of age and their parents / guardians of underage addicts are required to report to health centers, hospitals or medical and social rehabilitation institutions appointed by the government, to get the restoration or rehabilitation.

Experience elsewhere in the world that has grown up to be an addict stigma society's belief that a drug addict is evil. This stigma makes it increasingly decline only addicts. The birth of Acts No. 35, Year 2009 about Narcotics, its provide fresh air to the shifting treatment of drug addicts. Circular letter of Supreme Court (SEMA) No. 4, Year 2010 and strengthened by SEMA No.  3, Year 2011, that’s  confirms that the Narcotics addict who was caught by the authorities, and proved to be the judge can impose criminal penalties to undergo medical and social rehabilitation at a rehabilitation center that has been determined.

According to Article 54 of Acts No. 35, Year 1999 about Narcotics, the drug addicts have to undergoing medical rehabilitation and social rehabilitation at a rehabilitation center for drug addiction. Through  medical rehabilitation and social rehabilitation are intended to restore and / or develop the physical, mental and social addict, with the ultimate goal to heal addicts from the bondage of drug addiction, so this way you will be a chain breaker tool illicit trafficking cycle (in contrast to the demand and supply) which was recently increased.

So at the present time law enforcement officers should be able to decide well. Whether an offender substance abuse was a criminal narcotics or just as a drug addict.


Keywords : The drug abuse, narcotics, Acts No. 35, Year 2009.  

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