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Approximation space, it’s aims to identify the function of space or the land use in the study area. In addition, based on the condition of land use as its, the function space is also seen in terms of its conformity with the applicable city plans in the area of study. This approach is done through the methods of comparison between existing conditions with the City Spatial Plan applicable. The approach to the regional policy or regional regulation aspects of Building Permit License (IMB) in Semarang. This is mainly for identification of IMB policy and regulation as one of the instruments of spatial, types of violations of spatial, and analyses the factors that influence the effectiveness control of IMB.

            The results showed that during the period 2001-2005 were only 45% of permanent building in the city of Semarang have the Building Permit License (IMB). The factors that potentially affect to the effectiveness of the control of IMB is a policy factors, control laws, coordination among agencies, socio-economic and land factor. All of these factors have positive influence on the effectiveness of the control of IMB, both in managing the space filling and to prevent and suppress violations. The policy factors proved to be a positive influence on the effectiveness of the control of IMB in arranging the suitable space filling appropriate to RTRW. According to the respondents of the staff group leader, publishing the IMB (the city of the government policy) that directed specifically to realize the spatial utilization more targeted and more optimally with consistently guided refer to the RTRW. To enhance the public’s understanding about the city spatial planning and permitting of IMB, taken measures: 1) Information boards spatial installation and arrangement of the IMB on strategic locations and easily seen, 2) provide periodic training for extension workers, 3) routine counselling and guidance to the field involving three teams counselling and executed every month.


Keywords: Government Policy, The Building Permit (IMB), The Protected City, The City of Semarang, The Spatial Planning.

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