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Local Autonomy is a command of the 1945 Constitution and it is therefore implemented in the positive laws and regulations, such as Law No. 22/1999 regarding Local Autonomy, which has been amended by Law No. 32/2004, and the last amendment is Law No. 9/2015. Local region is given an authority to cultivate and develop their region. One of the authorities given by the law is the management of the Port (Harbor) which was then implemented by the local government in a local regulation.    The Local Regulation which has been passed by the Local Parliament, such as Cilegon Local Regulation No. 1/2001, in one of its article terminate the (private) Contracts which have been existed, and still exist, prior to the local regulation. The Contract as referred to in the local regulations was made based on Law No. 21/1992 regarding Shipping. Matters pertaining to contract or agreement, including this termination issue, is regulated under the Book of Civil Law which in Dutch is known as “Burgerlijk Wetboek”. There is a distinction between Civil Law and Public Law (where the Local Autonomy is operated). Public Law works on the area of public administrative whereby the Civil Law (or Contract Law) is more to the relationship between parties in business. Especially on the termination of Contract, with the principle of pacta sunt servanda or the party autonomy, laissez faire, it is by the agreement of both parties or (alternatively) by the decision of the Court. In the Autonomy Law, judicial power is not delegated to the Local Authority. Local government seemed has performed beyond the scope of its given power/authority, or not in accordance with its function or in excess of the legal power, nevertheless, in general there is a deviation of the government’s power performance. This however in administration law is called   “abuse of power” or “detourment de pouvoir”. 


Keyword: Contract, Abuse of Power, Local Autonomy

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Hlm. 64-79


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